Monday, December 7, 2009

Yelp Review

A wonderful customer created a page for me on Yelp and gave me a great review. Very touching indeed.

Wall brackets (Custom Design)

This is a custom piece I did for some gentlemen in San Francisco. I created steel brackets with 3" wide flat bar. The tops have forged texture. The brackets are not attached to one another, so if they need to be relocated, they can easily be attached to a different wall in a different configuration. The back of each bracket is bolted into the wall studs. This design is a simple, but effective way of carrying a lot of weight with clean lines.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twilight Fountain (Private Comission)

For this piece, I was requested to do something in the Art Deco style. After doing a bit of research, I came up with a rather quintessentially Art Deco motif. The name seemed to me perfectly old Hollywood, to suit the era. On each arm rests a half sphere which holds a candle, thus, "twilight." The symmetrical uprights are textured to reflect the light and cascade with a fountain effect. This piece will serve as a functional wall-table as well as candelabra.

Better pictures will be posted as they become available.

4'x5'x14" Steel.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saw Tooth Ring

I could not resist creating an iconic Saw Tooth Ring. There is a tooth-texture on the side. This ring fits my thumb. Each side and edge has a texture.

2008. Sterling silver.

Swivel Top SOLD

The hinge of this box is a piece of 1/2" round stock which has been hammered at the top to create a large rivet. The stop is a traditional nail. The lid has scalloped edges. Swiveling the lid is satisfying because of the tight fit and heavy steel.

2008. Approximate dimensions: 6"x4"x5".

Photos taken by Tory Fink.

Hammer SOLD

An adorable child's hammer tops this little box. The edges of the lid have a hammered texture; fitting, isn't it? The hammer head is broken off of it's handle. Perhaps in a fit of creativity? The moment is encapsulated forever in the broken wood.


Self-Portrait in Bronze

These are images of some bronzes that I'm working on. They are sand cast. They are surrounded by the materials I surround myself with: things I collect because they speak to me on some way.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glass Knob Box SOLD

This is the first of the box series. I wanted to create a box which opened in an unexpected direction as well as combine elements which are not in themselves unusual, but are seldom seen together. The knob turns on its pin. The hinge is fabricated of tubing and rod.


Wrench Boxes SOLD

This box is both rugged and dainty. There is a hammered texture along the edge of the lid. The wrench seems to writhe as you pick it up.


This box features a hammered texture on the lid and a large, distressed bolt holding the wrench on. Oh, irony.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Bike Throphy (commission )

This piece was commissioned by a non-profit to honor someone who works with kids racing bicycles. The sprockets rotate on a ball bearing from a crank case. The base was created by cutting apart a large piece of c-channel. They wanted something substantial, so I gave it a heavy base. They also wanted some sort of kinetic energy or motion included.

2008. 20"x8"x9"

Insulated Tank SOLD

This box was created from an old oxygen tank from a military aircraft. The lid is lined with white rabbit fur, the interior with red felt.

6"x9"x6". 2008

The photos above were taken by Tory Fink.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Miter SOLD

This relatively large box is topped with two unused pieces of metal which were cut into miters for the purpose of making a frame; a commonly used fabrication technique. The pieces hold the top on in one direction, and internal blocks keep the top from slipping in the other direction. The interior is bright red wool velvet.

2008. 6"x 7"x 4".

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welded Sculpture

This sign was created to demarcate and accentuate the entrance to The Crucible's Welded Sculpture classroom. The letters are cut out of a 3/4" piece of plate with oxy-acetylene The base was created by welding links of chain together on the bottom so that they support the heavy top.

2006. 4'x 2'x15"

Please excuse the blurry photos. They were taken by yours truly. I intend to keep my day job.

Kashchei's Tower

Commissioned for The Crucible's production, "Firebird" in 2007. On display at The Crucible, currently.

The "Tower" was constructed of forged and fabricated steel with a light rust and black patina. It can be lit from below, so that light emanates from within the large, pointed protuberances. The whole works rolls with a very low profile so it appears to be floating just above the ground. There is a heavy duty break, to keep it from rolling asunder. There are 5 leashes which extend out and back for dramatic effect when attached to wildly flailing dancers.

The plasma sphere atop was created by Ed Kirschner.

2007. Approximate dimentions: 30"x30"x 65".

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.


This box features a hinged lid, which allows the top to swing to one side rather than upward. At first, this box perplexes those who attempt to open it, much to my amusement. The top is held in a closed position by a single rocker arm from an engine. The liner is red wool felt.

2008. 6"x 3"x3".

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

Nailed Down SOLD

Version 1 of Nailed Down features a lighter mill scale finish and a striped wool felt liner. SOLD

This version has a darker finish. Sold.

These boxes use flat nails to keep the top on. There is a satisfying sensation when you slide the top on and off. The tops of each have deep mill scale and impressions of nails pressed into them. There is one nail pressed into the top of each top which remains.

2008 Approximate scale: 3.5" x 4"x 4.5"

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

Topply Wobbler (GIFT)

Despite it's name, the Topply Wobbler does not actually wobble. It just looks like it would were it to start walking along. All steel, both found parts and fabricated. Features a purple wool lining.


The above images were taken by Tory Fink.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crank (SOLD)

This box is made of a large rectangular tube, a flat nail and the crank of a manual meat grinder. The crank is held in place by a large rivet, upon which it pivots. The crank action is identical to that of someone grinding meat, except rather than making dinner, you are opening the box. The liner is mustard yellow wool felt.


The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

One on Top

This box is made of an old mystery part, expanded metal top, textured copper and a cheap, flag-pole eagle. The liner is white rabbit fur.

To me, there is a lovely irony in showcasing this poorly-cast, brass eagle upon a discarded memento of industrial strength and the indulgence of fur. Albeit, on of the most common furs you can find. The meaning is elusive enough to leave something to chew on.

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tall Box

This box is made of heavy-walled box tube, an old wrench and a copper plate. The copper has a cross peen texture and a light patina. The copper plate is riveted onto the top. The liner is red wool felt.


The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

"Wheel Head"

This box is made of rectangular box tube leftover from a railing project. The handle is an old wooden caster. When you open the box, the wheel turns in your fingers. The hinge is fabricated from small tubes and pencil rod. The liner is wool felt in mustard yellow.

2008. Approximate dimensions: 3"x2"x4.5".

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

"Grinder Blade"

This box is made of a mild steel box tube and topped with the blade of an old meat grinder. The liner is wool felt in mustard yellow.


The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.