Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kashchei's Tower

Commissioned for The Crucible's production, "Firebird" in 2007. On display at The Crucible, currently.

The "Tower" was constructed of forged and fabricated steel with a light rust and black patina. It can be lit from below, so that light emanates from within the large, pointed protuberances. The whole works rolls with a very low profile so it appears to be floating just above the ground. There is a heavy duty break, to keep it from rolling asunder. There are 5 leashes which extend out and back for dramatic effect when attached to wildly flailing dancers.

The plasma sphere atop was created by Ed Kirschner.

2007. Approximate dimentions: 30"x30"x 65".

The above photos were taken by Tory Fink.

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