Monday, May 27, 2013

Current Project Working Photos

This is my latest sculpture project.  The jaw will move in a similar fashion to The Self-Inflictor, but there will be added movements in the neck and more control using a cam and off-set cam.

The teeth are cast aluminum which will be anodized.  The mechanical parts are mild steel.

Human Teeth Choker

Brass with copper teeth and a leather band.  Re-purposed army surplus clips are joined with a bronze ring to create the clasp.  

Bronze Coyote Teeth....?

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this.  But I like it.

Bronze Mirror Image Coyote Jaw Necklace

1/4"x3"x3" Bronze Coyote Jaw

Bronze Mirror Image Coyote Jaw Necklace

1/4"x 2-1/2"x6"  Bronze Coyote Jaw

Bronze Mirror Image Choker

6"x1.5" Bronze Coyote Teeth

Custom Bronze Coyote Jaw Necklace

Process photos, casting

 The cast parts have to be broken out of the ceramic shell, then cleaned up.  These are example of bronze, but the aluminum parts are created in the same way.

 These are the waxes that were later turned into bronze jewelry through the lost wax process.

 This is me, doing the detail work on waxes at the Santa Cruz Museum.

The Self-Inflictor 2009